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Our Expert GMAT Tutors

Rahul Raj, Expert GMAT Tutor

Rahul Raj

An engineer by qualification and a teacher by heart, Rahul has always been very passionate about teaching.
Previously, as a GMAT aspirant himself, he noticed a gap between what students required and what the standard big-name programs offered. He has dedicated the past 10 years analysing and learning the needs of the students and devising the easiest methods to deliver. His tried and tested methods have helped his students jump 350 points from their previous GMAT attempt and a majority of them have score 700+ as well.

Meet Shubham Dodeja, our esteemed Expert GMAT tutor, bringing over 8 years of expertise to guide aspiring test-takers.

Shubham has recently scored a 715 in GMAT Focus Edition (99 Percentile, 760 in Old GMAT). Further, he also has a remarkable three-time achievement of the 99.9X percentile in CAT, Shubham employs a highly interpersonal pedagogy, ensuring each student receives equal attention and strives for the highest scores in their GMAT journey.

Shubham Dodeja, Expert GMAT Tutor

Shubham Dodeja

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